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Union Fenosa, Unilever, AMC Group, among others. If your company is an industrial type, contact us to discover how we can help you.

“After 6 months of application, a saving of 59.6% in the water supply has been achieved, the dosage of anti-fouling and anti-corrosive chemical products has been eliminated, all this without reducing the thermal performance of the cooling equipment and The iron concentration remains constant below 0.05 mg / l, with the final objective of respecting the environment and contributing to the production cost savings model of our plant.”

Since the installation of the Calcat Treatment in the cooling towers, the adiabatic coolers and the general supply pipe of installations, there have been no problems of calcification or corrosion in the mentioned circuits, which has resulted in its optimal operation , also achieving significant savings in water lost due to purge.

“Since Calcat engineering began to provide its services in the AMC factory, these services have been extrapolated to the rest of the circuits that operate throughout the plant, contributing to make a more sustainable company, both economically and environmentally”.

Hotels and Residences

We have a great experience working with hotels and residences of all kinds.

Secrets Resorts or Hotel Santos, are some examples. We provide efficient solutions to your business.

From the installation of the Calcat Treatment, savings have been achieved in the water consumption in towers of 34%, and limit the consumption and consequent spillage of anticorrosive-antifouling products, without appreciating associated calcification or corrosion phenomena, m keep the iron levels below 0.05 mg / l, m before watering asepsis, without growth problems of microorganisms, aerobes or legionella, c < / span> give respect to the environment.

After our decision to install the Calcat Treatment we can certify the the circuits of cold water, hot water and laundry have been able to recover and stabilize against the serious phenomena of calcification they were suffering. Furthermore, in the refrigeration circuits have also been able to alleviate the calcification phenomena. This circuit has also managed to save a significant volume of water, as well as avoid the use of antifouling chemicals. Our satisfaction with the results mentioned above has promoted the installation of this same water treatment in the new facilities of the Breathless Resort of our chain.


We work with different hospitals offering them our solutions.

We have worked with Sanitas, Clínica La Luz, Hospital Universitario Severo Ochoa, among others.

Calcat has carried out in the facilities of the University Hospital “Severo Ochoa” the water treatment of evaporative condensers, saving water by increasing the conductivity and making fewer renovations.

With this treatment the integrity of the installation has not been impaired, which has been maintained without calcification or corrosion problems within the circuit, as evidenced by the concentration of iron is below 0.05 mg / l.

After 9 months of application, a saving of 78.66% in water supply has been achieved. The dosage and handling of antifouling and anti-corrosive chemicals has been eliminated with the consequent environmental benefit. The iron concentration has remained constant below 0.10 mg / l, which implies the total absence of corrosion phenomena. All this without reducing the thermal performance of the different exchange equipment.

Starting with an annual consumption of 21,875 m3, the saving of 4,900 m3 has been achieved, which means a reduction of 22%, with all the savings obtained due to the use of taps and showers. This saving in water means a reduction in the energy demand required to obtain ACS, which in this case translates into 70% less demand. All this without affecting the usefulness of the equipment or the comfort of the users, achieving a much more sustainable and efficient installation with the environment.

Public institutions

Public institutions trust us.

We work with public institutions such as the Tax Agency or the Ministry of Employment, Migration and Social Security..

Good results obtained in hygienic-sanitary maintenance against legionellosis in the Refrigeration, Sanitary Water and Fire Protection circuits. As a result, the facilities are in an optimal state of cleanliness and disinfection, complying with the parameters established in Royal Decrees 865/2003 and 140/2003.

According to the latest technical-analytical report made by Calcat, one year after its implementation, an average saving of 58.62% in water supply has been achieved, the dosage and handling of anti-fouling and anti-corrosive chemical products has been eliminated, maintaining constant iron concentration below 0.10 mg / l.

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After the installation of the Calcat Treatment in the air conditioning circuit, in action combined with a filter of retention of ring particles, it has been achieved that the concentration of dissolved iron that originated numerous problems in points of the installation due to obstructions due to chip deposition Iron and oxidation of sectors of the same has been reduced, obtaining a clear improvement not only mechanical installation but thermal and energy efficiency.

Hemos superado gracias a ellos el Plan de Gestión Sostenible del Agua y sus correspondientes renovaciones por parte de la autoridad competente, no sólo obteniendo el Plan adaptado a nuestras necesidades sino facilitándonos todas las soluciones y actividades asociadas a los compromisos a cumplir.

The Calcat Treatment has managed, to complete satisfaction, to solve the problems of deposition of solids of calcareous origin so that it has managed to detach all the adhering particles inside the conduits, causing the removal and cleaning of the same, achieving that in the in present there is no retention of these solids.