Join the plan for sustaiable
management and use of water
becoming more efficient

We offer a service to comply with municipal regulations in relation to the management plan and sustainable use of water.

The local laws establish obligations, in particular for the so-called large consumers, requiring them to adapt their facilities to the standard. they are required to develop a plan that implements measures aimed at saving and efficient use of water.

Our proposal

We propose a series of actions that will be beneficial for the adaptation to the regulations and also improving their image in the environmental respect:

Creation of a customized plan

We create a personalised water management and use plan to achieve a significant reduction in water and energy costs, allowing your company to become more competitive.

Plan submission

Once the plan has been drafted, it must be submitted to the municipal body with environmental competence for approval, having a maximum validity of 4 years.

Management of the entire process

In order to avoid complications for our clients, we take care of the integral realization of the plan, its presentation and all the complementary actions that derive from it.

Sustainable water management plan services

  • Prediagnostic

  • General report

  • Report of water connections in the facilities

  • Description and initial accounting of consumer areas

  • Situation and state of the fire network

  • Analysis and proposals in landscaping

  • Rainwater recovery, recycling and recovery or reuse

  • Environmental management system

  • Analysis of training and awareness-raising activities

  • Effluent regulation

  • Situation, verification of measures for the control and prevention of Legionella

  • Executive report presenting the plan and official presentation at its facilities to the staff involved

  • Presentation and subsequent follow-up until approval

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