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RST products

We chose the equipments of the German company RST because they surpass in quality to other more economic alternatives such as aerators and atomizers.

The fast amortization of its cost thanks to its high efficiency, its durability and the service they offer make them ideal for businesses or institutions that need sanitary water to provide their services, such as hotels, residences, town halls or gyms, among others.

Commitment to quality

These equipments have passed the highest controls of the market, they are anti-lime and they are constructed with materials resistant to the chemical treatments that nowadays are demanded for the control of legionella. In addition, they have a 2-year warranty.


We have badges and studies that guarantee the savings produced. In addition, we are the only ones on the market with the environmental quality guarantee mark, certifying that the production process is respectful of the environment, and guaranteeing consumption far below that known as ecological.

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