Limit your spending on water
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Our different projects will allow you to save water in your processes, which means an economic benefit.

You will also improve your company’s corporate image. We will help you to obtain the most demanded environmental badges and certificates.

Water purification
We develop drinking water projects and adapt them to each type of project according to the existing problems.
Our work scales range from drinking water treatment plants in entire municipalities as well as in smaller sizes.
With a work methodology that focuses on the optimization of resources as well as on the sustainability of our projects.
Wastewater treatment
Wastewater legislation sets very specific limits, so we adapt our processes to the needs of each project to ensure the best results.
  • Minimal Waste

  • We focus on maintaining linearity in discharges below the permitted level.

  • Customized processes

  • We adapt processes to legal limits based on project location and improve existing processes.

  • Analysis

  • Not only do we design the project, but we also carry out the appropriate analyses with the corresponding reports to the hydrographic confederations.

Water desalination

The desalination of water is usually erroneously associated with the collection of seawater for subsequent use for human consumption.

However, it is the industrial processes that mostly require desalinated water for innumerable factory needs. (boilers, food production, refrigeration, etc.).

  • Quality expertise

  • We have extensive experience in reverse osmosis processes throughout their cycle, both in industrial facilities and on a smaller size, including even the domestic.

  • Efficient solutions

  • We propose the best solution to your problem (single machines, chained in series, in parallel, etc.) to ensure the reliability of the process and the guarantee associated with the engineering project.

  • Maintenance

  • Not all osmosis machines are the same nor are all the needs for desalinated water, and for this reason we will advise you on the maintenance and regulation of your machine as well as its replacements.

Wastewater regeneration
Sustainability defines our projects, and that is why we provide solutions for the reutilization of wastewater adapted to different sectors.
We rely on current legislation and permitted end uses. We carry out the recovery of water from showers and faucets, as well as those coming from WWTP, which allows us to optimise the use of water, the associated costs and the corporate image of our clients.

Washing of boxes, horticultural products and bottles

We carry out recovery projects of water from the washing of boxes, horticultural products and bottles, being these some of our most innovative projects.
Always complying with current legislation we can recover significant water flows for other needs in the factory, such as refrigeration, irrigation, flushing, cleaning vehicles, etc.

Other treatments we do

  • Automatic chlorination processes and dosage of different biocides, filtrations and elimination of compounds

  • Such as nitrates, sulphates, irons and manganese without reverse osmosis

  • Decalcification processes to reduce hardness and other resin ion exchange systems

  • Solutions adapted to each problem

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